AL-SEHMIAH Exposed surfaces are made with marble chips from Carara (italy). These marble chips are of excellent quality, superb brigtness and colours, which will be stable even under severe sunshine

the production of AL-SEHMIAH Exposed Paving blocks is done in fully automatic plant which guarantees evan appearance throughout the full delivery. Additional orders at a later stage will be done with the same surface.

With AL-SEHMIAH EXPOSED the customers receives a long lasting beautiful coloured product. AL-SEHMIAH EXPOSED surfaces can be applied to most of the many shapes and designs AL-SEHMIAHproduces, e.g. LaPlaza, Merbella, Nizza circle, Trento, La Palma etc.

A special effect can be achieved by mixing standard AL-SEHMIAH product with AL-SEHMIAH EXPOSED product. Please note AL-SEHMIAH EXPOSED Paving blocks are available in 8 cm thickness only.

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