Producing the highest quality products


Abraham Joseph
General Manager

Management Message

To build Al Sehmiah team into the most leading manufacturer in Qatar by:

  • Producing the highest quality products
  • Maintaining the highest ethical standards
  • Becoming inevitable partners to Contractors and Clients by enhancing their profitability and success.

We understand the importance of integrity and commitment to the client and believe that success comes from having a long-term vision, especially when it comes to build long term relationship.

We have an obligation to our Clients, Customers and Employees to operate in an ethically and socially responsible manner. Our Primary emphasis is on product quality and service, the protection of environment and the safety of our employees and community.

I am looking forward to being the leader of a company that helps to create such positive and excellent services for our customers. I am proud to be part of an energetic team that is dedicated to serving the company to achieve its goals and targets.

Our mission is to be a part of Qatar Government to fulfil their dream for Vision 2030.