Building Blocks

Hourdi Block

The Al Sehmiah Hourdi block manufactured from naturally occurring aggregates, has gained new respect in recent years. They are used extensively as substitutes for conventional wood-framed, above grade exterior walls. They have a high level of resistance to ageing, fire, environmental damage and weathering, making them eminently suitable for exposed situations. It produces a wall that is secure and has perfect thermal and sound insulation characteristics. The durability of masonry solutions available to the designer include a wide selection of blocks ranging from standard structural units, fair faced, textured, to standard backing-wall blocks.

Solid Block

Solid Blocks are an environment friendly cost saving building product. These Solid Blocks are three times stronger than conventional bricks with consistent strength. These bricks are ideally suited for internal, external, load bearing and non-load bearing walls.

U Block

Al Sehmiah U block are formwork blocks for efficient production of concrete joists, lintels and stiffeners, etc. Edge formwork is not necessary when using these U-blocks; all they need is a continuous substructure of planks or boards.

Hollow Block

These hollow blocks are widely used for building infrastructure and require low maintenance. High dimensional accuracy and consistent finish make these blocks an ideal building material for both load bearing constructions as well as partition walls. These are often used as substitutes for conventional bricks in the construction of buildings, as these cement hollow blocks are lighter and more economical. Our cement hollow blocks are supplied to clients after being tested on various parameters. Our hollow blocks includes cement hollow blocks and concrete hollow blocks.

Thermo Block

The u-value of building components (walls, roof, windows) is a measurement for heat transfer which passes between room and exterior and which must be replaced by cool airconditioners. Therefore a low u- value is key to savings in A/C cost and mandatory for comfortable living conditions in summer as well as winter

7 convincing values for energy construction with th 0.41 block

  1. Very high insulation coefficient (more than 6 times better than
    normal Hollow Blocks
  2. excellent thermal storage capacity. Cool in summer, warm in winter
  3. best sound barrier due to high mass
  4. high compressive strength
  5. fire resistance F 90 ( DIN 4102)
  6. easy and fast workability. No special mortal required
  7. half blocks available -reduced waste.

technical and physical datas of insulatio material

Expanded polstyrene, density = 16.18 kg/m3
(Th 0.50 & Th 1.00) = 22-24 kg/m3 (Th 0.41)

Dimension stability at 800 C = 0.5%

Thermal expansion coeffcient = 0.07 mm/m 0 C

Water vapour transmission resistance μ =150



Road kerb serve a number of purpose:

  •  Retaining the carriageway edge to prevent spreading and loss of structural integrity
  •  Acting as a barrier or demarcation between road traffic and pedestrians or verges
  •  Providing physical check to prevent vehicles leaving the carriage way
  •  Forming a channel along which surface water can be drained

All standard sizes includes

  • 914x305x50…150
  • 914x255x50…150
  • 914x400x50…150
  • 914x150x50…150


Al Sehmiah Cement Products manufactures Concrete Tiles, Concrete Roof Pavers, Grinded Pavers, Tactiles and Shot Blasted Tiles. All standard sizes are also available. Concrete tile vary in the manufacturing process from dry pressed to wet cast in moulds.